Our missionary partner, Edilberto and his wife, are serving well in the Philippines, but not without hardship. In the United States, we have difficulty keeping store shelves stocked. It does not compare to an island country with millions of people scrambling to get rice. In the Philippines during good times, rice is sometimes hard to find and relatively expensive. China owns many of the rice fields in the Philippines and they ship it back to the mainland, rather than selling it on the islands.


Effects of Grace sends financial support each month to support the ministry of Edilberto and his wife. Every month, without fail, he lets me know how much he appreciates it.

What strikes me is that beyond his gratitude for the financial help is his generosity. Every month, he shares one third of the money we send with his ministry partner (pastor/song leader). This morning, he sent pictures of what he has done with the money for this month.

“Thank you so much for the extra money help.  I bought 100 kilos of rice.  My wife divided it to 20 families, 5 kilos each of them and we will bring it to their houses.”

This was in response to a number of families in his area coming to him for help a couple of weeks ago.  Edilberto is a faithful minister of the gospel.  When people needed help, it speaks volumes that they went to him and his family.

Please pray for Edilberto and his family.

  • Safety — That they will not get sick during this time of ministry.
  • Provision — That God will continue to provide for their physical and spiritual needs as so many seek help in their area.
  • Salvation — That he will have Christ-Centered conversations that lead many to Jesus.

We have also provided funds to Eastside Christian Academy in the Philippines with Pastor Juval and his wife, Zenny.  Their school is shut down and they are housing a number of students from the school and have little food.  Please keep them in your prayers as well.  As of this post, we have not heard an update.

Consider supporting the gospel-centered work of Effects of Grace Ministries.  God bless you and thanks for praying.