The Matthew 28 Project


Prepare for Mission Trips and Enrich Your Christian Walk.


The Matthew 28 Project is designed to help you improve your ability to communicate the gospel of Jesus Christ to others at home and on mission trips.  In doing so, you will be more confident in obeying Jesus’ Great Commission to make disciples of all nations, including the one in which you live!

This discipleship Bible-study is gospel-centered and is perfect for personal, or church-wide training for mission trips.  You will study real Bible passages, in context, and see how the good news of Jesus Christ effects how we are to believe, live and communicate these truths to others.

This study guide was written and field-tested by Rodney Skyles who has preached, taught and served in various countries around the world.  He is a graduate of The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Lousiville, KY with a Master of Divinity.

Short-term Mission Trips

Not only will you learn how to share your faith on mission trips, but you will also learn practical lessons of discipleship. Teach new believers the importance of establishing a church. Leave copies of this book behind to help new believers grow in their faith.

Introductory Videos

Brief, introductory videos are available online for each day’s lesson.  Learn the overall objective of the day’s lesson and get the most out of your study!


Designed to highlight the gospel in Jesus’ Great Commission.  Learn how the gospel was presented in the Scriptures and how you can do it too! Read our example of a Gospel presentation for free online.

Make Disciples of Jesus

Understand the worth of Jesus Christ to be worshiped and obeyed.   This guide also contains practical lessons that you can share with others to teach them how to follow our Lord.

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Lord Jesus Christ

Mission trips to Zimbabwe

Great Commission

Mission trips to Slovenia

Unreached People Groups*

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What People Are Saying

Very nice work. I  believe and am praying that God will use this to win souls into the Kingdom and help further the discipleship of those who have already been brought in, in our generation and future ones until the Resurrection.

Len in Texas

Easy to follow and biblically accurate!

Jim in Kentucky

* Unreached people groups data obtained from

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