About Effects of Grace Ministries, Inc.

Effects of Grace Ministries, Inc. is a Bible-based teaching ministry created to help local churches Know Jesus Christ (John 3:16), Grow in Grace and Knowledge of Him (2 Peter 1:2) and Do good works that He has foreordained (Ephesians 2:10).

Mission Statement:  To help the church, foreign and domestic, know Jesus Christ, grow in faith and do good works.  We do this by creating and distributing Gospel-centered resources, preaching and teaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ and equipping church leaders, training pastors and equipping missionaries.

This is life eternal, that they may know You, the only true God, and Jesus Christ whom You have sent, (John 17:3, NASB).

We want to help people come to KNOW Jesus through gospel-centered, Bible teaching, preaching and Bible-based tools, such as the children’s book, “Who Made the Sandwich?“.or The Matthew 28 Project. We also share the Gospel all around the world, to make Jesus known.  We share the Gospel, so that others may come to see the value of the Treasure above all treasures, Jesus Christ.

We seek to help local churches GROW in the knowledge of Christ through Bible-based preaching and teaching.  We also are working on personal, bible-study resources to help lay a biblical foundation for a person to bear much fruit in Him.

Now what can I DO?  If you know Jesus and have grown in grace and knowledge, do something about it!  We are saved for the purpose of bringing glory to God.  One of the ways you can “DO” something is to join us on a short-term mission trip.

There are other ways to DO something, such as investing as a financial partner in Effects of Grace Ministries, Inc.  Below are a couple of videos describing Gospel encounters and Gospel needs around the world.  Take a look and then contact us for more information!

The resources we use to help build healthy local churches come from a variety of sources.  We have developed some of our own. We also use training and publications from 9-Marks and T4G (Together 4 The Gospel) and other organizations or individuals with reformed doctrine such as these.


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