Missions in the Philippines

The Philippine Islands are a beautiful portrait of God’s majesty.  Effects of Grace Ministries has visited and served here a number of times, beginning in 2014.  We have fallen in love with the people and the beauty of the islands.   Coupled with our love for the people is our awareness of a great need for sound gospel-centered teaching.  Only one percent (1%) of the people here profess to be evangelical Christians.  Many more people need to hear about God’s amazing grace displayed in the Person and work of Jesus Christ.  Will you help us reach more for His glory?

Partner with us for God's glory in the Islands!

Missions in the Philippines Infographic

Effects of Grace Ministries, Inc. has entered into a partnership with Eastside Baptist Group of Churches in the Philippines effective March 1, 2014 for the purpose of exalting the Person and work of Jesus Christ through the faithful, gospel-centered teaching of God’s Word.  Eastside Baptist Group of Churches is organized by Pastor Juval Galera, Director of Missions, and includes a number of  pastors from various islands in the Philippines.

BIBLICAL TEACHING AND PREACHING:Christian Bible teaching in Philippines

One of the most important aspects of this partnership is the importance placed on Biblical preaching and teaching.  Our partnership with Eastside Baptist Group of Churches started in February 2014 when Sylvania Baptist Church in Tyler, Texas, sent Rodney Skyles (along with Len Teague) to preach at Eastside’s Pastor’s Conference.  Rodney, Len and Zigfred Diaz (a Philippine pastor) taught Scriptures that revealed that God is sovereign in all things.  To some of the pastors, this was a new understanding of our God; however, they gladly received God’s Word and were pleading with us to return soon.   Since that time, we have visited the Eastside Group of Baptist Churches in the Philippines a number of times and we look forward to a continued relationship for God’s glory.

We believe this partnership provides a great opportunity to proclaim God’s Word in truth and to make disciples of Jesus Christ.  Effects of Grace Ministries sponsored another Pastor’s Conference in July 2014 and has entered into an agreement for ongoing gospel-centered teaching commitments with the Philippine pastors.

EDUCATION:Christian school for Bible teaching in Philippines

The EBGC ministry also includes a K-8 accredited school, Eastside Christian Academy.  The students attend this school at no charge to the parents, but they are required to attend Sunday church services where they hear God’s Word taught and preached.   Many of the families benefiting from Eastside Christian Academy also live on the EBGC campus where they are provided food and housing.  Currently, ECA accepts student sponsorship of $30 per student to help cover the costs to provide this ministry.  Effects of Grace is happy to help raise support for Eastside Christian Academy students.

BOAT MINISTRY TO REMOTE ISLANDS:Bible teaching boat ministry in Philippines

Effects of Grace Ministries has also contributed funds to build a new boat used to take the Gospel and humanitarian aid to remote islands.  Specifically, Cuaming Island (pop. aprox. 2,000) now has an established Baptist church and Christian school.


Effects of Grace Ministries, Inc. provides some food and lodging for the Philippine pastors in the EBGC who travel to the USA.  While they are here Effects of Grace also provides seminary-style courses to encourage and train these pastors, which leads to strengthen their local congregations back home in the Philippines.  They also share their ministry and needs with local churches.  EoG can provide room and board for up to 10 pastors at a time and is waiting on the Lord’s timing to expand capacity.

Financial need for this ministry is approximately $1,000 per pastor per month.

Partner with us to reach the Islands for Christ!

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