COVID-19 Prayer for our Missionary Partners

Our missionary partner, Edilberto and his wife, are serving well in the Philippines, but not without hardship. In the United States, we have difficulty keeping store shelves stocked. It does not compare to an island country with millions of people scrambling to get...

How and Why We Should Pray (Matthew 6:9)

Prayer is one of those things that seems like anyone can do it.  When it comes to actually praying, however, many of us are at a loss of how to do it without sounding like we are fumbling in the dark. We can look to God's Word to answer the question how and why we...

Losing My Life, But Still Breathing

I was jogging in mid-January 2017.  My father passed away a few days prior and my mom suffered a stroke a couple of days later.  This is not the first time our lives have dramatically changed, but this time seems to be one of the most challenging.  As I was jogging...

Salvation is Precious When the Need is Dire

When is the last time you heard someone mention God's judgment? Did you cringe a little?  Did the thought of God judging make you wince?  Was it because you did not want to talk about it, or because you don't really believe God will soon judge the world?  We might...

“She Doesn’t Get Eaten by the Eels”

One of my favorite movies of all time is Princess Bride.  It’s a great story about true love. There is adventure, hardship, witty writing, good music, great scenery.  It is a timeless tale and in the end love wins.  The story takes place as a grandfather is reading a...
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Effects of Grace works with local and foreign pastors to help equip them for the work of missions and growing healthy churches. We do this with gospel teaching and evangelism training. Join us in making an eternal difference!


Our passion is to proclaim Jesus Christ to a lost world. We strive to be faithful to the gospel message that saturates all of the pages of the Bible. Some of our audio and video teaching can be found on this website, We also post gospel-centered teaching on our blog.

We train pastors from around the world in gospel-centered church growth and evangelism. Find out more hereWe also provide training to church members for making disciples at home and on mission trips. Discipleship training classes!


We travel around the world proclaiming Jesus as the Christ. Also, we have partnered with Eastside Baptist Group of Churches in the Philippines to provide encouragement to pastors and financial aid to the children who attend Eastside Christian School in Carcar City, Cebu, Philippines.  We also travel to other countries to teach and preach God’s Word.  Our goal is to help grow people and churches who are sound in biblical doctrine all around the world. Effects of Grace Ministries provides pastor training in the United States for foreign pastors, laypeople and anyone interested in growing healthy churches.  For more information click the button below.


We want to help other believers know and follow Jesus better than the day before.  To assist with that objective, we have developed gospel-centered resources to make Jesus known.  Please explore our resources on the menu above to find out more!


This presentation is meant to provide a brief outline of the amazing and overwhelming gospel of Jesus Christ.  We have included a number of Scripture references to help you understand and see the evidence for yourself.  If you would like more information, we highly recommend The Matthew 28 Project.  This study-guide is one of our gospel-centered teaching resources that further expounds on the gospel and what it means to follow Jesus as Lord.

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