Pastor and Missionary – Surigao, Philippines

Edilberto is the pastor of a house church, which the Lord led him to start in 2012.

NOTE:  Our missionaries are indigenous to the areas they serve.  English may be a second language. 

We seek to preserve the expressions of their faith in English.

Testimony of Conversion

My name is Edilberto and I was born in 1964.  I am married to Beverly and we have two daughters, Beverly Mae and Christine and one son, Edilberto Jr.  All of my children are college graduates and faithfully serving the Lord Jesus.

My Parents were converted to the Lord in Bible Baptist Church, and I am a product of a children’s ministry of the Bible Baptist Church who brought their Church vehicle service in our village every Sunday morning and brought us to church for us to attend the children’s Sunday school.

At the age of 12, I began boxing.  My boxing training caused pride to well up inside me and I began spending time with a bad group of youth in our City.  I stopped attending church.  During that time, I was shot three times.  In spite of my rebellion, God extended His grace to me.  At the age of 16, my pastor had a Bible study he always asked me to attend.  One study I attended, the pastor shared the good news of forgiveness of sins and salvation that Jesus offers.  Through tears and brokenness, I repented of my sins and believed on Jesus.  After that time, wherever my pastor held a Bible study, he asked me to go with him.  I started loving the word of God and reading the Bible.

Call to Ministry

I was baptized when I was 16 years of age. After my water baptism I felt the call of the Lord. I started teaching children’s Sunday school and I long to be like my Pastor. I love to preach like my Pastor did.

In 1981 I studied in Seminary in David Livingstone School of Ministry in Cebu City Philippines from 1981-1985 and during my School years God use me to open 3 Churches in 3 Towns of Cebu the name of the places are 1. Liloan Cebu, 2.San Fernando Cebu, 3. Argao Cebu.
After my graduation God Sent me to Mindanao, another island of the Philippines, to start a Church.  During the same time I was teaching in Theological Seminary from 1987-2003 and during those years God use me to build 7 new churches that until now still exist asides from the church where I’m pastoring who are faithfully supporting me to do the ministry.


In 1986 I got married to Beverly who is faithful woman in serving the Lord and the Lord bless us a 3 children and by God’s grace they are all graduate in college and faithfully serving the Lord Jesus.

Reformed Theology

In 2002 God open my understanding about the doctrine of grace.  In the year 2002-2004 I study again in Grace Theological Seminary.

I resigned in 2004 from the organization and from the church for my family needs our children are grown and needs of financial support for their schooling.

Ministry Direction

In the year 2006-2011 God bring me back to the ministry and focus on Evangelistic ministry we went to the mountains to the tribal people and to the islands of the Philippines preaching the Gospel to the unreached people.  We stay in one place for a week preaching to the adult’s and teaching the children about the love of Christ. During my travel I saw many places, especially in the mountains and in the Islands, that there are no churches.  There, the people are so hungry and thirsty of the word of God.  Many times I cry in my prayers that the Lord of the harvest will send workers to this places.

In the year 2012 God bless me a portion of land in Brgy Mabua Surigao City where i build a small house for my family, because for the many years in my journey of my ministry we have no house of our own and in that year by God’s grace my family are having real address.  Then I start doing a house to house Evangelism and Bible Studies teaching the children and now the house i built for my family this is now become a house Church where in I am Pastoring.

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