Who Made the Sandwich?

a Christian children’s book

Written By Rodney Skyles          Edited by Katrina Skyles

Henry and Kate are growing up in a very dry and thirsty land.  There is one man who has the ability and love to provide what they need.  Find out what they discover about being grateful.

Who Made the Sandwich? is a Christian children’s book with a lesson of God’s power in Creation.  The contrast of gratefulness and ungratefulness is shown to encourage children to see and appreciate God’s hand in Creation as well as help parents share foundational truths of the Gospel with their children.  We, at Effects of Grace Ministries, believe that understanding God’s power of Creator is a core principle of the gospel.  It’s never too early to start teaching our children that God is all-powerful and able to accomplish all that He desires.  He can even create clean hearts in His children (Psalm 51:10).

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Christian Children's Book

For centuries Christians have sought to teach the concept, “design demands a designer.” Who Made the Sandwich? has done a superb job bringing that fascinating concept to a child’s world.  A fun read with a valuable biblical message.  I highly recommend it, and look forward to reading it to my children.

Dr. Mark Livingston

Senior Pastor | Professor of Church Ministries, Keltys First Baptist Church, Lufkin, TX | BMA Theological Seminary

What a great story about how a heart of gratitude can bring joy to our lives.  It’s amazing how the story of two kids and a giant sandwich can so beautifully illustrate our relationship with God.  This simple parable will gently plant the seeds of truth into the minds of any child that reads it.  Enjoyable to read, beautifully illustrated, and full of Truth and Wisdom, I recommend “Who Made The Sandwich” whole heartedly.

Blake Nichols

Next Generation Pastor, Waller Baptist Church

Why Write a Christian Children’s Book?

Watch this video for a brief explanation of why I wrote Who Made the Sandwich?  As a parent, it is important that we teach and model the gospel of Jesus Christ for our children.  Having an awe of God in creation is one of the often repeated principles of gospel presentations in the Bible (John 1:3; Rom. 11:36; 1 Cor. 1:6; Col. 1:16).  As your child begins exploring this beautiful world, what better opportunity than now to start sharing that this beautiful world has a Mighty Creator to Whom we owe our awe and gratitude!

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