Comfort is not God’s primary concern for our lives. God’s primary concern is His glory. This fact is incomparably demonstrated in the Person and work of Jesus Christ.

Before Jesus Came To Earth

Repeatedly throughout the Old Testament, God told His people that He was going to do a mighty, redemptive work. The reason He would do this was not because the people were worthy, but because God, Himself, is worthy (Isaiah 48:11). This redemption was realized in Jesus Christ (Psalm 2:7; Acts 13:33).

Jesus’ Earthly Ministry

Jesus’ earthy ministry was one of hardship, suffering and humiliation. How striking that the Almighty, Creator of the universe would stoop down from His lofty throne to become part of His creation and suffer as if He were lower than any of His creatures! (Isaiah 52:14).

[tweet_box design=”default”]How striking that the Creator would enter His creation and suffer as if He were lower than any of His creatures![/tweet_box]

Why would He do this? Jesus said that the reason He would endure such suffering is so that our Heavenly Father’s name would be glorified (John 12:27-28).

The Enduring Mission

Even after a person is saved by God, the life they live is meant to reflect the glory of God. This objective is so important that God does not leave it to chance.  He sends His own Spirit to love, guide, instruct and reprove the believer (Matt. 5:16; Phil. 2:13).

We should be of the same mind as our Heavenly Father, our Lord and Savior Jesus and with His Holy Spirit (John 16:13-15). All three Persons are One in nature and have the same purpose — The glory of God!  The purpose of God’s glory has a magnificent benefit for people like us. It is that we have been redeemed for the purpose of God’s glory! God is redeeming people from all walks of life, different skin colors, languages and cultures and assembling them all for His glory (Isaiah 56:8; John 10:16).

When we consider any of our actions, we should not primarily be concerned with what is comfortable. In order to be consistent with the work of the Triune Godhead, we should be most concerned with how we can bring glory to God through any situation (Phil. 4:13, 20).

[tweet_box design=”default”]In order to be consistent with God, we should be most concerned with bringing glory to God through any situation (Phil. 4:13, 20).[/tweet_box]