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Reformed theology has been at the core of Baptist life since the beginning. From our understanding of God’s work in salvation to flourishing missionary efforts, men like Charles Spurgeon and William Carey have provided great examples of Baptists’ faith and practice. These truths are desperately needed in the Philippines, where 92% of the population professes to be Catholic and only 1% evangelical Christian. (See our ministry page).

Effects of Grace Ministries, Inc. will present The Gospel: Faith to Faith Conference for Pastors in Surigao, Mindanao, Philippines, June 14-22, 2019

Special thanks to 9Marks for allowing us to use their February 2019 Journal “Ecclesiology for Calvinists” in our break-out workshops!

We are also conducting a couple of small, medical clinics on two islands.  We will need funds for medicines, so please contribute to help us with that as well.  You can select “General” on the instructor tab below.

How Can You Help?

Sponsor a Pastor:  We are inviting 25 pastors and to attend the conference.  The cost for them to have food and training materials during the conference is $100 per pastor.  Please sponsor a pastor, so he and the church he serves can benefit from the richness of God’s Word. We currently need approximately $2,000 for the conference (as of March 5, 2019).


Sponsor an Instructor:  Each Effects of Grace Ministries instructor is required to raise their own support for travel, food and lodging during the trip.  The cost for each instructor is approximately $2,600. Prayerfully consider sharing the burden of taking the gospel around the world.


You can also mail a check to: Effects of Grace, PO Box 131539, Tyler, TX 75713

Effects of Grace Ministries, Inc. is a 501(c)3 and donations are tax deductible under IRS guidelines.

See:  Effects of Grace Support Guide

Trip Itinerary

The Gospel: Faith to Faith Conference and Medical Clinic
Day Date Activity Lodging
Friday 06/14/2019 Depart on Arline on flights
Saturday 06/15/2019 Arrive in Philippines in Cebu City
Sunday 06/16/2019 Travel to Surigao and visit church In Surigao
Monday 06/17/2019 Pastor training and Medical Clinic for local church members In Surigao
Tuesday 06/18/2019 Pastor training and Medical Clinic for local community.  Evangelism service that night In Surigao
Wednesday 06/19/2019 Open travel day to Carcar City on Cebu Island In Carcar
Thursday 06/20/2019 Medical clinic/basket ball clinic, preaching service that night. In Carcar
Friday 06/21/2019 Travel to Cebu City Cebu City
Saturday 06/22/2019 Depart on Arline on flights