Course:  Evangelism and Church Health Syllabus      Download PDF version


Rodney Skyles, Lead Teacher, Effects of Grace Ministries, Inc.


This course will examine biblical models of evangelism efforts and the gospel.  We will also examine what impact they have on the health of the local church.


  1. To enhance the students’ awareness of the biblical model of sharing the gospel (the message shared) and the practice of evangelism (the act of sharing the gospel).
  2. To challenge the students’ to make changes, if necessary, in their ministry to match the Bible’s pattern.
  3. To strengthen the students’ faith in God’s ability to grown His church.

REQUIRED TEXTS (Provided by Effects of Grace Ministries)

  1. Skyles, Rodney – The Matthew 28 Project, CreateSpace Publishing, January 15, 2015.
  2. Dever, Mark – Nine Marks of a Healthy Church (3rd Edition), Crossway Publishing, August 31, 2013.
  3. Your copy of The Holy Bible (KJV, NKJV, NASB, ESV preferred).


1)  Personal Bible Study – Students will read, write and pray through the Matthew 28 Project for 30 days.  They will also watch introductory videos prior to each day’s lesson at http://www.Matthew28Project.com

2)  Case Study of Gospel Presentation – Students will pick a gospel presentation from Scripture and write a brief paper (3-5 pages) describing what was said, to whom it was said, when it was said and why it was said.  This will be presented orally in class as well.

3)  Nine Marks of a Healthy Church Presentation — Students will write a 3-5 page paper and give an oral presentation in class.  Paper and presentation will answer two questions: 1) Which Mark do I, or my church do well? Please explain, 2)  Which Mark do I, or my church need to improve?  Please explain.

4)  Healthy Church Action Plan – Based on the Mark that needs improvement.  Please write a brief plan of action that you will implement when you return to your church.  This will be presented in class, as well.


  • Class Attendance: Students are expected to attend each class period twice per week.  Class attendance is a requirement of any room and board provided by Effects of Grace Ministries in the United States (Due to financial and administrative constraints, Room and Board is not provided for students not affiliated with Eastside Group of Baptist Churches in the Philippines).
  • Assignments: Assignments should be completed on time. Late assignments may not be accepted.


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