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Free Download:  Bible Study Question Guide

A FREE guide to help you ask important questions for each Bible passage you study.  Keep track of your quiet times by keeping this in a binder!



Who Made the Sandwich?

Give children a foundation to the Gospel by teaching them to have an awe of God as Creator.


Matthew 28 Project

Get this personal study guide designed to help you understand Jesus’ Great Commission even better.  Learn to share the Gospel according to a biblical model and make disciples of Jesus Christ!



The Effect of Grace

Most of us know something about grace, faith and works, but there is something else that happens when a sovereign God extends His grace to a sinful human.

Rodney Skyles is writing a book titled The Effect of Grace, which will explain the miraculous occurrence at every experience of salvation.  What about that Effect of Grace after salvation?  Yes, God’s grace continues to have an effect during the Christian’s life.


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